Görüntüleme Sistemleri


Teknik Özellikler

Two in One System
The system that integrated two X-ray device into one equipment. Panorama, Cephalo
Separable Cephalo system
The Cephalo imaging system can be separated according to customer needs.

Optional detector
Detectors are available for purchase depending on customer needs. Exclusive Panorama
Panorama/ Cephalo combo

A variety of capturing function
Capturing Panorama supports normal and TMJ mode. Capturing Cephalo supports Lateral, PA, SMV, and Carpus mode.

Image Processing Algorithm(Image quality enhancement)
Panorama and Cephalo provide quality images by optimized image processing algorithm and imaging filter option for taste of customer.

LCD module with Touch panel
LCD module with touch panel enables users to manipulate the equipment quickly and easily by providing intuitive letters and graphic-user Interface.

Auxiliary laser beam
Three laser(horizontal, vertical and canine) beams assist to make the device align with patients’ teeth.

Software(User Friendly Software)
The latest imaging tools and new features can be updated with providing on-site training service.

DICOM 3.0 compatibility(DICOM 3.0 compatible)
All the date, can be transferred and searched, interface with DICOM-compatible PACS.

Parallel moving Cephalo System
Reduce Cephalometric imaging distortion

Using the TDI Technology Detector
Low X-ray, High image Quality.

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