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Teknik Özellikler

Technical specifications
Power supply: 24V~ 50/60Hz Rated current: 0.3A Applied part: optical fiber
Lightsource:Blue light Wave length: 420nm-480mn Light intensity: 1000mW/cnr~1200inW/cnr

Working condition
Environment temperature: 5°C to 40°C Relative humidity: <80% Dimensions: ®23mmx250mm
Net weight: 160g Consumption power: <8W Protection type against electrical shock: class II
Protection against electrical shock: type B Protection against harmful ingress of water or particular matter: Ordinary equipment (IPXO) Safety in the presence of flammable anesthetic mixture with air, oxygen or nitrous oxide: not suitable under this condition.Applied part: optical fiber
Notice: the equipment needs to be installed in the medical power supply, and to ensure that the final product meets the requirements of IEC 60601 -1.

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