Teknik Özellikler

Power supply Input: 220-240V- 50Hz/60Hz 150mA Main unit input: 24V~ 1.3AOutput primary tip Vibration excursion:<100pm
Output half-excursion force: <2N Output tip vibration frequency: 28kHz±3kHz Output power: 3W to 20W
Main unit fuse: T 1.6AL 250V Power supply fuse: T0.5AL 250V Water pressure: O.lbar to 5bar (O.OIMPa to 0.5MPa)
Weight of main unit: 0.64kg Weight of power supply: 1 kg Main unit volume: 196mmxl34mm><80mm
Operating mode: Continuous operation Type of protection against electric shock: Class II
Degree of protection against electric shock: Type BF applied partApplied part of the equipment: handpiece and tip
Degree of protection against harmful ingress of water: Ordinary equipment (IPXO), Protection degree against water (used on the foot switch): IPX1
Degree of safety of application in the presence of a Flammable Anesthetic Mixture with air or with Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide: Equipment not suitable for being used in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air or with oxygen or nitrous oxide

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