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RVG hdr

Teknik Özellikler

HDR system is professionally designed & manufactured by Handy team.

Thanks to Handy’s advanced CMOS technology and skilled production process, every HDR sensor is guaranteed to bring high definition images to simplify our clients’ daily dental practice.

In a very short time, the digital radiographs will be shown on the PC for instant diagnoses with more detailed and accurate information.

HDR system helps dental professionals work more efficiently and facilitate communication with patients by showing those sufficient “evidences”.

Higher resolution with smaller pixel size
Better image quality but lower X-ray dose
Ergonomic design with two sizes available

Try it, and you will love it.

handy hdr rvg cihazı özellikleri

Product Description
Advanced FPS with Csl:Ti technology Higher sensitive plus higher resolution Best image quality with lowest X-ray dose

APS CMOS technology 18.5um pixel size 5T pixel type Theoretical resolution as 27lp/mm

Real resolution>20lp/mm  TWAIN driver Which works compatible with the softwares of KODAK,SIRONA,SCHICK,etc.

New HandyDentist Software: Easy to use  Powerful image processing & preprocessing

Net version for multi-user solution Easily connect to PACs system under DICOM 3.0 protocol

Multi-user solution net version provides multi-user solution and every user may share the information in database

Plug and play connector allows the sensor to be moved from room to room freely  The Effect of image process

Powerful image processing algorithms make it much easier to read the image information

Product Feature

Sensor: APS CMOS sensor  External dimension (mm) :40×26(size1) ; 44×32(size 2)

Sensor Active Area : 32.6×20.5(size1) ; 36×27(size2)  Sensor Thickness : 6mm Dynamic Range : 4,096

Power : USB2.0 (5V, 4.25min) Image Transfer Time :< 3sec  Cable Length :.> 2m

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